Should I try to sell my RV on my own? Or should I let the Professionals do it for Me?
This is often the question that RV Owners are asking themselves. Are you really prepared to sell your RV yourself?
Question: Do you live somewhere were your neighborhood or home owners association allows you to show and sell your RV to potential customers? Or is it stored in a storage facility where you would need to meet potential buyers there to show it to them?
Answer: We are located on Highway 167 Frontage, thousands of potential BUYERS pass by here daily. We are Open 7 days a week to show and SELL your RV to a potential customer.
ADVERTISING: Question: Are you available to post ads on various websites with photo’s and pay the fee’s associated with those ads, answer e-mails, accept phone calls at work, set-up appointments for viewings, and wait around for sometimes no-shows? Answer: We post your RV on several website’s on a daily basis and have hundreds of hits on Kent RV’s website, were your RV is Posted with numerous photo’s and detailed information. We Professionally and courteously answer all phone calls from potential Buyers and if they phone after hours, our answering systems allows us to return their call as soon as we arrive the following day, making sure every opportunity to SELL your RV is addressed.We answer all e-mails promptly and are prepared to e-mail PDF files to customers who require more information and photo’s on your RV to make a BUYING decision, and set-up appointments for viewing and SELLING your RV, even after Hours!!! PRICING: Question: What Price should I try to Sell my RV for? Answer: Let our Professionals do an RV Appraisal on your RV.We will research what other models similar to yours SOLD for, Not what they were asking for them. If you over price your RV, you’ll miss your best BUYER, the one’s that look at it first. If you under-price your RV, you didn’t maximize all the dollars to yourself. This is a very fine LINE. Hours of Research goes into actually pricing and staging your RV for sale. TRADES: Question: Are you Prepared to take a Trade-in, or Lose the Sale on your RV? Answer: Kent RV is fully prepared to take trade-ins. You will still receive all your money from your RV’s Sale, and the dealership will purchase the customers trade-in. Most Customers are either moving up to a bigger RV, or down-sizing, therefore they already own an RV. PAPERWORK: Question: Are you prepared to do all the paperwork associated with selling an RV? Answer: Our Professionals are familiar with all state and federal regulations for the purchase, title transfer, licensing, financing,Warranty disclaimers, transferring extended contracts, seller disclosures, Verifiable Identification, and more. We are fully Licensed, Bonded and Insured with the State of Washington. CASH, CHECK, or CHARGE: Question: Can you accept alternate forms of Payment? Answer: Kent RV is set up to accept Cash payments and file the correct documents with the IRS for large cash payments, We are set-up to verify Personal checks, Money Orders, and Cashier Checks. A lot of customers in today’s world, don’t deal with cash or checks, They would like to pay on their Credit Card or Debit Card. We’re also set up for that type of payment and are knowledgeable with the authorization procedures required for large dollar amounts. And if we are dealing with an out-of-state or out-of-Country Buyer’s (Canada in particular) we are set-up for Direct Wire Transfers to our Bank in US Dollars. We make the paying for your RV effortless. SELLER LIABILITY: Question: Are you prepared for the liabilities involved in selling your RV? Answer: Kent RV is Bonded, Licensed and Insured for any further Liabilities that could arise after the sale. Misrepresentation, LP Gas Leaks, Paperwork improperly done, and the dreaded phone call that the refrigerator isn’t working even though you said it did work.We will follow through with any further problems long after the sale.
What is required of me to Consign my RV at Kent RV?
Proof of RV Insurance Most Recent Vehicle Registration Original Title, or Proof of Ownership if their is a lien holder Lien Holder information (If there is a lien holder) Your Driver’s License. (For ID Purpose)
What is required for my RV?
Remove all personal items, dishes, bedding, cleaning supplies etc. from the RV Empty all Water Tanks and Empty and Flush out all Holding Tanks on your RV Have enough Propane in the Unit so we can demonstrate the operating systems of your RV to the potential BUYER. If you have a Motorized RV, Make sure there is enough Gas so the Generator can be demonstrated and the Motorhome can be taken on Test Drives. This usually requires approximately 1/2 tank full. We also will start the generator and run the motorhome on a regular basis to keep it in good working condition. The inside and outside of the RV need to be Cleaned so it is presentable for Sale. If you do not want to detail the inside or outside of the RV, this service is available at a fee. All the major Systems in the RV need to be Operational. These systems will be shown to the potential Buyer at time of Sale. Leave all instruction and informational Manuals in the RV. Please be sure and remove any Personal Paperwork from this packet.
Kent RV looks forward to assisting you in your RV’s Sale.